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I wanted a simple way to write a program on the RaspberryPi, and as I'm dealing with event based data, a natural choice is something like NodeJS.

NodeJS is great, but programming the RPi can be a bit of a pain, you have to do it through an ssh connection, or something similar.

After a quick Google however, I stumbled upon which is a super simple way to code in NodeJS for your RPi.

It seems that what it does is provide a web interface for writing code, and it saves the code as you type, sends it to the RPi, which executes it. It also forwards the console back to the webpage, pretty nifty!

With this I can set up my RPi once, and leave it on and connected to the network, and then edit the code from wherever and whenever. Cool!

Written by Steven Jones on Monday April 6, 2015
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