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Gas meter monitoring

So for a little while now I've been using an Owl intuition to monitor our home electricity usage, and control the central heating, which is great, you get nice graphs and 'real time' usage information. However, the Owl doesn't support gas metering :(

Looking into the options out there, I'm thinking about:

I've got a few JeeNodes, and a reflective infra-red senor, for reflective spot counting, so I could build something to record the spots and send them to some service somewhere.

I'd need to build:

  • Spot counter and transmitter
  • Reciever and processor connected to the internet
  • Some online service to recieve the data and present it as charts/graphs etc.

All of that sounds quite fun to build, but I could just get a Loop, for about £60 and have all of that done for me.

Loop looks good, but only offers 15 minute resolution apparently, which is a bit low I reckon. Also, if I had my own solution then I could keep the data and process it in interesting ways.

What I really want to know is the cost, in gas terms, of

  • Central heating
  • Showers
  • Baths
  • Hot water for hand washing

I think I'm going to use my JeeNodes to try and wire something up. The rough plan is this:

  1. Build a JeeNode that can do the reflective spot detection and broadcast a signal when a spot is detected.
  2. Attach another JeeNode to a spare Raspberry Pi that I have and capture the spots being detected.
  3. Count the spots in the Raspberry Pi and report that information to some webservice, via ethernet.
  4. That webservice might have to be custom built.
Written by Steven Jones on Sunday March 29, 2015
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