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This site exists mainly so that I can have a play around with Bolt CMS.

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Mod Pagespeed

I've been playing with Mod Pagespeed at work quite a bit recently, we don't do Drupal hosting as such, but we set up infrastructure and make sure it's working for a number of our customers. We've previously had to wo…

Reflective spot counting - the start

So, I just wanted to make sure that the phototransistor I'd bought worked, and that I knew what all the pins were. I knocked up this simple circuit to find out. Supplied with 1.5 volts from a handy battery the LED…

Gas meter monitoring

So for a little while now I've been using an Owl intuition to monitor our home electricity usage, and control the central heating, which is great, you get nice graphs and 'real time' usage information. However, the Owl …